Online Auction for Government Surplus - Auction Ends 10.29.18 - To view auction details go to www.govdeals.com and "Search For" 2628-1964. Click the QAL box and then hit search. GovDeals.com is the online platform where you can bid on and buy government surplus. Price is subject to change at any time during ongoing auction. Lot of UPS, Battery Cabinets, Transfer Switch and Power Distribution - ...
Used once
Very nice computer monitor, very high quality LED super fast processing rate, handles any game on ultra high settings flawlessly smooth as butter, and is equipped with DRE BEATS sound, extremely good sound quality. Bought this monitor for my custom desktop gaming build, but shortly after sold the desktop and bought an alienware and a Asus laptop, so I now have little to no use for it, trying to...
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